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    Android Tipps Swappa – Buy and Sell Android Devices

    Swappa is a marketplace for used Android devices. People can sell their old Android devices or buy a new one. Swappa is very interesting for buyers who want to get new device without having to extend their carrier contract. Sellers can get money for their old device and upgrade to a newer phone more recently… more

    CopyAndPaste Android App Copy and Paste for Android Made Easy

    Copy and paste are two very important functions on the PC. It is therefore somewhat surprising that most smartphones these days do not have these functions at all. But now at least for Android systems, there is an app which enables users to copy and paste at will, making it a problem of the past for Android users. The name of the app is, simply, “ CopyAndPaste ” which you can download for free from the Android Market… more

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab: All Apps in Full-Screen Mode

    Many apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab can already make use of its full screen. But some apps that do not recive regular updates will not fit completely on the 7 inch screen. But users can scale apps so that they can fit fully on their 7 inch screen by using an app called “Spare Parts”, which is available now on the Android Market… more

    Android WiFi Finding the IP Address

    If you want to set up a WiFi connection between your Phone and your PC, you will need to get the the IP address of your mobile phone. We will now show you how to quickly get the IP address of your smartphone. For this guide we will be using a Samsung Galaxy Tab but it should be the same for other Android devices as well… more

    z4root Android App Safer Smartphone Rooting

    The are plenty of forums or blogs out there with loads of technical information on the subject of rooting a Android device. There are also plenty of “how to” guides spread throughout the Internet. But in our article we plan to focus on the probably the easiest ways to root your Android device… more

    Android Tipps gegen Viren und Trojaner Android Security: Protection from Smartphone Theft

    These days smartphones users can do so many different things with their smartphones whether it is surfing the Internet, reading their emails, buying goods, making travel arrangements or financial transactions. Smartphone users will have to become increasingly more security aware when using their smartphones, like they are with their PC at home. Smartphones can be also targeted by criminals whether it be the theft of your smartphone or like the PC they infect your smartphone with viruses or Trojans to spying on what your up to on your smartphone. In our new series “Android Security” we want to give you a few tips on how to avoid such problems… more

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