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  • Mobile Shopping: women do it less than men

    19. September 2012 No comments

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    Samsung Galaxy S 3 According to a recent study carried out by US market research institute uSamp, men do more shopping on their smartphone than women. 1.100 men and women from 18 to 75 years of age participated in the study. Whereas the percentage of female online clients was at 34%, male purchasers were seen in 45% out of all times. The study furthermore claims that 25% of men do mobile internet shopping during working hours. Yet, 12% of women use the time sitting in the doctor’s waiting room to do their shopping.

    Here is an overview based on the products that men and women purchase using their smartphones:

    electronic devices – 27% men vs. 8% women
    movies or event tickets – 23% men vs. 11% women
    food & drinks – 13% men vs. 8% women
    digital content – 30% men vs. 20% women
    office products – 8% men vs. 4% women
    cosmetics – 8% men vs. 2% women

    Apart from general shopping habits, the study also investigated whether men or women use their smartphone more often to make a decision in a shop. Apparently, out of all smartphone online shoppers 91% of men and 85% of women use the barcode scanner to receive information about products. Men and women using the barcode scanner were particularly interested in the following products:

    electronic devices – 27% men vs. 12% women
    commodities – 7% men vs. 2% women
    cosmetics – 2% men vs. 6% women

    The study was supported by the smartphone app uSamp Mobile.

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