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    Coca-Cola Live Wallpaper Werbung Advertising through Live Wallpapers
    During the Christmas season of 2010, Coca-Cola in collaboration with Google’s advertising network published a Christmas Live Wallpaper, which since then has been downloaded more than 250,000 times from the Android Market. Coca-Cola really showed us that advertising through Live Wallpapers can be a viable way to advertise….

    Mobile Affiliate Marketing: Mobile Websites Mobile Affiliate Marketing models

    The times in which when accessing the internet meant having to use a PC or a Laptop are nearly long gone. With rising numbers of PDAs and Smartphones brings with it the internet directly into the hand of the user- making it possible to access the internet nearly anywhere. Consequently because of this, new strategies for Affiliate marketing have also been introduced. Creating completly new opportunites for affiliates to make use of… more

    Apps Mobile Affiliate Marketing – relevant for app developers?

    At this stage, developers of smartphone applications have basically two ways to generate revenue with its Apps: They either bind within their apps display or text advertisements and hope to generate advertising revenues or make the user pay for the application… more

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