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  • Google App Inventor

    Google App Inventor

    The Google App Inventor is a tool developed by Google. With the App Inventor it’s possible to create apps for Android devices even without having coding knowledge by using a WYSIWYG-editor. The apps are ready to be published in the Android Market. On this site you can find news, tipps and tutorials for the Google App Inventor.

    Google App Inventor Video App Inventor Introduction Video

    The video has about seven minutes runtime and shows the first steps for using the Google App Inventor. That includes using and customizing text elements as well as working with graphics and sound elements. more

    Google App Inventor Google App Inventor Video: App Inventor in Action

    Google has published a 60 second video on Youtube demonstrating the creation of an Android App. Their goal is to show how easy app development gets with the Google App Inventor. You don’t even need to displace the cat… more

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