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    Android Developers

    Google App Inventor Google App Inventor

    The Google App Inventor is a tool developed by Google. With the App Inventor it’s possible to create apps for Android devices even without having coding knowledge by using a WYSIWYG-editor. The apps are ready to be published in the Android Market. On this site you can find news, tipps and tutorials for the Google App Inventor… more

    Android Programmierung Bücher Recommended Android App Development Books

    In the event that you want to program your own applications for Android, there are a number of books that are dedicated to the subject of “app for Android development. We have compiled a selection of booksthat we think can facilitate your entry into App development. Most of the books here on our list are centrally themed around Android programming itself…  more

    Android App Development Links Recommended Android App Development Websites

    There are plenty of websites out there that can help Android App Developers or would be Developers through the process of developing an App. We have collected a number of websites which can provide you with tips and assistance for the development of your own Android Apps. If you know of any important pages we have missed,just send us a quick message and we will add it to the list… more

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