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  • The Best Mahjong Games for Android

    Best Mahjong Android Games

    Most people out there have at least heard of or seen “Mahjong” if they have not played it. While this is the most common spelling it is also sometimes spelt “Mah-Jongg” and “Mahjongg”. Mahjong originates from China, but for some time now it has become increasingly popular the world over. The goal of the game, is to match pairs of these stones together, once pairing two together they will dissapear, and the point is to clear the all the stones off the table.

    In the Android Market there are a large number of different Mahjong games. We have recently worked through them and found the ones we think are the best Mahjong games for Android.

    Mahjong Android Game 1. Mahjong

    This free Android Mahjong game has many different levels just waiting to be solved by the player. And the further the player progresses the more trickier and challenging the respective solution becomes. The app also contains several different layouts, from which the user can choose his favourite.

    Mahjong Android App Mahjong Android App

    Mahjong 3D Android Game 2. Mahjong 3D

    Mahjong 3D comes from the same developer as the previous Android game. Therefore both Android apps don’t differ that much, but both are quality games. The only difference being that this version of the game is a three-dimensional representation of the game.

    Mahjong 3D Android Game Mahjong 3D Android Game

    Shanghai Mahjong Free Android Game 3. Shanghai Mahjong Free

    The Shanghai Mahjong app has added in a few other gametypes such as Quest mode, Round challange mode as well as a Time Challenge mode.There are a total of five different layouts to choose from. High Scores can also be saved online and compared to other players around the world.

    Shanghai Mahjong Free Android Game Shanghai Mahjong Free Android Game

    Mahjongg Solitaire PRO Android Game 4. Mahjongg Solitaire PRO

    Mahjongg Solitaire PRO has many different layouts, which the player can choose from, allowing them to nearly play a different layout each time. It is even possible to create your own layouts and then use them in-game. Otherwise it has all the basic features the above apps have.

    Mahjongg Solitaire PRO Android Game Mahjongg Solitaire PRO Android Game

    Mahjong Madness Android App 5. Mahjong Madness

    At the beginning of the game there are six different levels available, a number of other levels are also available free to play. In Mahjong Madness each round consists of six levels to complete at least three of which the player must successfully complete to unlock the next round. During the game the player can save at any time and resume the game later in the same place.

    Mahjong Madness Android App Mahjong Madness Android App
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