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  • The Best Android Google Apps

    Android Google Apps

    The fact that some of the best Android apps come from Google themselves is really not surprising. After all Google do own the Android OS, one would expect they would know the ins and outs of their own OS. The quality of each of their apps are constantly being improved upon as they release updates rather regularly. From the range of Google Apps, we have chosen a select few we think are the best.

    Google Maps Android App 1. Google Maps

    The popular mapping service is one of the most used smartphone apps and is generally always present on the top Android App charts. In addition to the extensive mapping service it provides it also provides additional features (some with the potentially to stand alone as their own applications). Such as features like the “Get Directions”  featrue, the local search “Places” and the social service “Latitude” the feature where users always know exactly where their friends are if the are use Google Maps on their smartphone.

    Google Maps Android App Google Maps Android App

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    Google Earth Android App 2. Google Earth

    In the mood to travel around the whole world but you don’t really feel like leaving your room? Then we would suggest you give Google Earth a go. The intuitive search that can be controlled by voice command, can be used to travel around the globe, see the sights, old houses, borders, roads, oceans and much more. Everything that the world has to offer can be seen through Google Earth in the comfort of your chair.

    Google Earth Android App Google Earth Android App

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    YouTube Android App 3. YouTube

    The Android app from YouTube offers easy access to the many videos that are available on its website. Of course the videos have the same setup as that of the PC video allowing you to rate, favourite, comment and more. The app also allows you to upload your own videos onto YouTube with simplicity. Depending on your mobile net connection,you can adjust the output quality of the videos you watch over YouTube.

    YouTube Android App YouTube Android App

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    Google Reader Android App 4. Google Reader

    It took Google a while before they released a RSS Reader app. Only releasing it in December 2010. Right from the start Google have already incorporated nearly all the features other RSS apps offer, creating a solid base to further improve upon in the future. The Google Reader has in record time become one of the most popular RSS readers established.

    Google Reader Android App Google Reader Android App

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    Google Sky Map Android App 5. Google Sky Map

    Google Sky Map provides users with an Android Device a open window into the night sky. To start the user will have to point the Android device at the sky and then Google Sky Maps will do the rest, providing information on the surrounding stars, planets and constellations. Thanks to multi-touch operation users can now easily navigate through the heavens above by rotating, moving or zooming in or out.

    Google Sky Map Android App Google Sky Map Android App

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    Google Translate Android App 6. Google Translate

    Thanks to Google Translate no one will ever have to look at a foreign text and think, “What on earth does that mean?”, now users will at the text and think, “Google Translate, ho!” With this app, the user can input some text or a few words which he then can translate into one of 50 different languages worldwide. And another strong point of Google Translate is that it supports voice command, allowing users to dictate to the app what they want translated.

    Google Translate Android App Google Translate Android App

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    Google Shopper 7. Google Shopper

    Google Shooper can recognize products by their covers or scanning their bar code and links them to online information or customer opionions and prices. The user can also sort by price or brand when searching for products. Also plenty of product recommendations can be found over Google Shopper.

    Google Shopper Android App Google Shopper Android App

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    Google Streetview Android App 8.Street View on Google Maps

    Though users can use an app like Google Earth to explore the entire world from above, with Street View users get right down in the middle of it. Google Street View allows users to visit streets from all over the world and check out the sites from his Android Phone. Or even just get an impression of the residential area of where you plan to move or where your friends live or even where your going to take your next holiday.

    Google Streetview Android App Google Streetview Android App

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    Chrome To Phone Android App 9.Chrome To Phone

    Google Chrome to Phone allows the transmition of data from your PC( which uses Google Chrome) to your smartphone. Granting users to transfer Google Maps maps to their smartphone or phone numbers from their PC in a breeze. The user can for example send a link straight from his PC to his phone which it will automatically open.

    Chrome To Phone Android App Chrome To Phone Android App

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    Google Goggles Android App 10. Google Goggles

    Google Goggles can be used in a few different situations. For example it can be used to scan a text and then translate it into another language. But probably its most useful feature is the ability to the user to scan where they are and the Google Goggles will give you information on places nearby. Or users can simply scan art, books or wine and it will give users information on the scanned object.

    Google Goggles Android App Google Goggles Android App

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    Google Modearator Android App 11. Google Moderator

    Google Moderator allows users who are webmasters to ask their visitors on their site their opinion on a certain topic, for example through polls and such. Getting feedback from the people whose opinions matter most.

    Google Moderator Android App Google Moderator Android App

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    Google Listen Android App 12. Google listen

    Google Listen enables users to manage their own podcasts (which are stored in Google Reader) which users from all over the world can gain access to. But also to search through the thousands of podcasts that are already online, either downloading them or streaming them online.

    Google Listen Android App Google Listen Android App

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    Gmail Android App 13. Gmail

    This app allows users of Google Email convenient access to their Gmail account. Emails can be instantly pushed to the users smartphone and then can from there choose to reply, delete, forward or archive the email. There is also a search function that allows users to search for old messages.

    Google Gmail Android App Google Gmail Android App

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    Google Voice Android App 14.Google Voice

    Voice control has come into fashion with Google Voice. Users can dictate numbers into their phone to make a phone call, or dictate a text message or make a Google Search. An increasing number of outside developers of started intergrate their apps with this voice control from Google. Never before has speech recognition worked with such a low error rate as it does with Google Voice.

    Google Voice Android App Google Voice Android App

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