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  • The Best Android Christmas Apps

    Best Android Christmas Apps

    Seeing as we are coming into the Christmas period, people are starting to put up their Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Why not also give your smartphone or tablet a bit of a christmasie touch? At the moment there are plenty of Christmas apps, ringtones or wallpapers available now on the Android Market. We thought we would choose some of our favourites, to help you all get into the festive mood.

    Free Christmas List Android App 1. Free Christmas List

    Now everyone knows what the most important thing is on Christmas – Presents! But those of us who are a little older know how much of a drag it is to go out and get everyone Christmas Presents. This is were this app comes into its own, enabling users to save what they want to give for each person for Christmas. There is also a payed version which does away with all the advertisements and enables users to password protect their Christmas lists.

    Free Christmas List Android App Free Christmas List Android App

    Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper 2. Live Christmas Tree Wallpaper

    Whats a better way to get into the Chrismas season then to be able to look down at the homescreen of your Android device and see  Christmas tree live wallpaper? You can sit there and watch the snow fall down around the tree or just enjoy the pretty lights. The user can adjust various settings, which can determine the amount of snow and the how bright the lights on the Christmas tree are.

    Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Android App Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Android App

    Android Christmas Ringtones 3. Android Christmas Ringtones

    Want a ringtone that will always remind you Christmas is just around the bend? There are plenty of Christmas ringtones now available on the Android Market, such as various version of “Jingle Bells” or “We wish you a merry Christmas”.

    Android Christmas Ringtones Android App Android Christmas Ringtones Android App

    Christmas Wallpapers Android App 4. Christmas Wallpapers

    Who doesnt like having a choice between a few things, like  chocolate or candy or potatoe chips? Well heres your Christmas wallpaper version. This app provides users with a complete selection of Christmas wallpapers to get them into the Christmas festivites.

    Christmas Wallpapers Android App Christmas Wallpapers Ansdroid App

    Christmas Naughty or Nice 5. Christmas Naughty or Nice

    Wait a second there! You arn’t aloud to open your present just yet! Have you been good this year? You’re not sure? Then this would be the perfect app for you, helping you to find out whether you, your family or friends names will be on Santa’s list this year. Just get scan their fingerprint or body with the app and the app will concisely analyse whether they have been naughty or nice.

    Christmas Naughty or Nice Android App Christmas Naughty or Nice Android App

    Christmas Puzzles 6.Christmas Puzzles

    This fun puzzle game contains 24 different Christmas photos, which players will have to piece together into the proper place. When the user pieces together the puzzle properly they will be treated with 1 of 100 interesting Christmas facts. For a longer gaming experience or for a challenge there are also three difficulty levels, to make things tougher there is also a time limit in which you must finish the puzzle.

    Christmas Puzzles Android App Christmas Puzzles Android App

    Christmas Counter 7. Christmas Counter

    How long is it until Christmas Eve? How many times have you heard that? Or how many times have you wondered that? Christmas Counter can help with that as its name states it counts down the time to Christmas. The Christmas counter shows the remaining time until Christmas in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

    Christmas Counter Android App Christmas Counter Android App

    PandaHome: Christmas Snow Android App 8. PandaHome: Christmas Snow

    PandaHome is a home replacement app, which allows users to switch between several different themes, one such one being a Christmas Snow theme. Which is a lovely theme to help someone into the festive spirit.

    Panda Home Christmas Snow Android App Panda Home Christmas Snow Android App

    Christmas Sound Clips 9. Christmas Sound Clips

    This app offers a number of different Christmas soundclips for those who want to spread the Christmas spirit to others. Users gain access to sound clips such as different bell sounds and everything else Chrismasie. The sound clips in the app sounds can also be used as a ringtone.

    Christmas Sound Clips Android App Christmas Sound Clips Android App
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