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  • Update: Teamviewer 7 Remote Control

    14. September 2012 No comments

    Android News

    Teamviewer 7 Today, Teamviewer released a new updated version of its known app. Teamviewer 7 allows you to transfer data as well as files from your PC or Mac to an Android device and vice versa. You can establish a protected far-reaching connection to your PC or Mac and have instant access to it. This makes it possible to quickly help friends or colleagues with computer problems. Furthermore, the free of charge app made for private use allows you to instantly retrieve data from your PC or Mac. This is particularly useful for people who are moving around all the time. They simply use their Android smartphone or tablet to get hold of that very important document on their home computer. Of course the app also becomes handy when you want to load music or pictures onto your smartphone without having to use a usb cable.

    Teamviewer 7

    TeamViewer for Remote Control

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